Uzi. J. Gerstner

Vice President

LAHAV-Israel Federation of self employed Organizations


Uzi Gerstner second generation shareholder was a member of the Board of Directors in large multi family

company, with over 30 years of “hands on” experience in the “do’s and don’ts” of family-owned

businesses. He is an expert in building support services for small and medium- size enterprises. 

Uzi has proven experience in revitalizing problematic and loss afflicted businesses trough:


  • the establishment and systematic execution of turnaround management programs

  • the development of new products

  • the development of new markets both in Israel an Internationally


Uzi entered the field of family business consulting after numerous years of managerial experience ,including general and divisional manager of large corporations, with commercial, marketing and management priorities.

He is certified mediator in Israel, specializing in commercial and family-owned business matters.

Among the consulting services Uzi developed special methods of coaching "Mentor a manger friend" managerial service that helped many mangers to solve complicated situations in their career.

Uzi has International consulting experience and proven successful interventions in family businesses owned by Israel’s expatriates and orthodox Jews in Europe and the United States. Working in Israel U.K Belgium and the United States. Uzi specializes in management and transitional matters in family-owned businesses. He also serves as mentor to entrepreneurs and successors throughout all phases of family-owned business, from initial inception through maturity.


Uzi was Chairman of the board of directors in : Palkar (Kibutz Kfar Rupin) and Palphot Ltd.

He acted as director and the Chairman of the audit committee of Hofit (Kibutz Kineret) Ltd. a public traded company in the Israeli Stock exchange.




He is the  founder of the YPO ( Young President’s Organization) chapter in Israel. He also served on the Executive Board of the Israel Securities Exchange  Commission, the Israel Export Institute and Israel Manufacturers Association.

He is member of the Family Firm Institute  a member of the FFI International Committee and regional coordinator for Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Israel. In addition, he is invited for lectures in Israel and abroad, and has published  book and  numerous articles in Israeli press relating to family owned business matters.